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Jalal Foundation


Jalal Foundation was established in 2006 in response to the needs and demands of women and youth who believed in Dr. Massouda Jalal's leadership and vision for Afghanistan. Women leaders, activists, and scholars rallied around her and asked her to continue her efforts for the promotion of women’s rights, democracy, and peace through a non-governmental organization led by Afghan women and dedicated solely to the advancement of the agenda of democracy, human rights, and peace in Afghanistan. Dr. Jalal responded by bringing their organizations together and establishing the Jalal Foundation and its network of 50+ NGOs and Women’s Councils from around the country.


The Jalal Foundation (and its network) was established because the said NGOs and Women’s Councils believed that they will find strength in solidarity. Jalal Foundation serves as its convener which facilitates learning from each other, mutual support in project implementation, and coordinated resource mobilization and programming in specific geographic and thematic areas.

Our Vision:  We work for an Afghanistan where the marginalized and underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities particularly women, youth, and children can enjoy their human rights.  

Our Core Guiding Values: Equity, human rights, freedom,  justice, peace, and inclusivity. 

Our Mission: To protect and promote the realization of the political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights of Afghan women, youth, and children in Afghanistan, the Jalal Foundation aims:

1. To initiate and implement high-level lobby and advocacy efforts for the mobilization of national and international support to the cause of Afghan women, youth, and children.

2. To improve women and youth-led civil society organizations and councils' capacities. 

3. To facilitate female activists' social and political participation. 

4. To support female scholars by providing scholarships and educational opportunities to them. 

5. To conduct national, regional, and international roundtables, forums, seminars, workshops, and conferences to raise awareness and advocate for the disenfranchised Afghan women. 

Exploring Dimensions of Violence Against Women in Afghanistan is a book that combines the scholarly articles written by Jalal Foundation's members comprising of members of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, female scholars, and human rights activists.

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